Welcome to the Language Center at Leipzig University

The Language Center is a Central Institution of Leipzig University,  offering a wide range of courses in various modern foreign languages as well as in Latin and Ancient Greek.

In addition to general language courses that are open to students from all departments, the Language Center offers modules for specific purposes such as "English for Medical Purposes," "Legal English," etc. This very focus on teaching foreign language competencies for the   disciplines has a long tradition of the Language Center of Leipzig University.

Moreover, students can acquire language and culture-related competencies to enhance their career prospects.

The Language Centre also provides services for independent learning such as

  • an in-house Tandem Office that helps students get in contact with native speakers.
  • a Self-Study Center
  • summer schools abroad
  • a distance-learning course in Spanish and

Currently, there are courses in the following foreign languages:

Italian Romanian
Croatian Russian
Bulgarian Kurdish Serbian  
Chinese Norwegian Swedish
French                    Portuguese                  


Subject-specific courses are available for the following disciplines:

Biochemistry Pharmacy
Chemistry Physics
Humanities and Social Sciences             
Project Management
Geological Sciences Sports Sciences
Law Economics